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Toothachefully Delightful

Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)
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Toothachefully Delightful giftbook =)

This community is about creating a 20 page book about oral health. I'm on the patient's side of the chair so don't fear me

You should join this community if you can
+Contribute in anyway to the book (Drawing..stories..etc etc)
+Answer general questions about certain dental topics

Your story of your trips to the dentist/ortho/perio/endo..etc can well be a contribution. A tidbit of information you offer..things like that :)

This book is going to have a hard cover and 25 pages front and back from the inside. From the inside of the book, there will be text and pictures but mostly pictures depicting dental agonies :p So it will basically be the cover page, a blank page, intro and credits (you) and then the 20 drawings. Each drawing took an average of 2 hours. Some as much as 9 or 10,

When you join this community and contribute in a positive way to creating this book, you will be mailed a hardcopy of it :). It's an exclusive gift book so I'm only going to print a very small amount.

Please join