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Toothachefully Delightful [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)

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Smile Makeover [Nov. 4th, 2008|11:27 am]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)

Hi. This has been X posted!

I've just started undergoing a series of treatments to chnage my smile.
Yesterday was gum work.
I have been taking pics documenting this on my jounral. Feel free to add me if you are interested and want to see how i heal change etc :)
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Jaw out of alignment [Aug. 2nd, 2008|02:05 pm]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)

Hello all. I don't know if this is appropriate here, but I hope so. Last night one of my little ones headbutted me really hard in the chin. The pain was so bad, and I thought she might have dislocated my jaw. There is no visible sign that it is dislocated that I can see, nor can I see any swelling. Last night it hurt to talk, swallow sometimes, and I couldn't put my back teeth together without a lot of pain, nor could I open my jaw very wide. This morning it was better and I could put my back teeth together, and was able to eat. I ate a banana, and found that it was hard to open my mouth wide enough to get it in. I also notice that the teeth don't touch like they used to all around. My right side, I can bite on my back teeth, but my left don't touch unless I grind to the side. My front bottom teeth are also touching behind my top teeth differently to normal, and when I eat it almost feels like most of the pressure is being put on just one cusp on my lower, right 7. This incident happened about 20 hours ago now.

So, with all that in mind, I want to know if my bite is out perhaps because of swelling that I can't see, or if it is really out of alignment and I need to see someone - and if I do, who?

*EDIT* This morning when I woke up my bite seems to be normal again, so all is good.
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(no subject) [Nov. 30th, 2006|09:00 am]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)

[mood |scaredscared]

I'm gonna have two teeth pulled next week. Problem is, i'm scared as hell!

I've barely been to the dentist all my life. maybe twice. I've been neglecting my teeth for years. until recently when cavities and such became a huge problem. i had this wisdom tooth that was growing on my top left, but when i was eating this burrito one day, the wisdom tooth broke. and it decayed away. ('cause the tooth brush can't really reach it) and the tooth next to it is decaying as well. i was in excrutiating pain a month ago, and had to go to the emergency room go get medicine. and then..i had to go to a dentist (dun dun DUNNNNNN!!).

my insurance (ACCHS or whatever it's called/Care 1st) can only allow so much as far as medical care is concerned. so, they're only going to allow two teeth to be pulled. the decayed wisdom tooth, and the one next to it.

i also have a tooth that broke a long time ago on my right bottom. that one is pretty much 50% gone. that one is also hurting and swelling up right now. but i have to get another referrall for it. :/

anyway, i'm scared because:
*i hate needles. and the only anesthesia that my insurance will allow is a shot in the gums
*i don't want anything to get infected during recovery
*the dentist warned that a nerve might be damaged and it'll be bad or whatever
*i really don't wanna eat soup through a straw.

So, how many of you guys have had teeth pulled? what was it like? did you recover quickly? am i really that much of a weenie?

i'm 24 years old and i shouldn't be scared of something so common. i suck

i just...hate pain.
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(no subject) [Aug. 14th, 2006|09:05 am]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)

Sorry I know no one's replied to my first post yet but here I am making my 2nd one within a day!

So I live in the UK (Fife, Scotland) and am not registered with a dentist. Last week I had to get an emergency appointment when I had toothache. The problem is that I suffer from a chronic illness and also very severe agoraphobia (so much so that at times that both can leave me housebound for weeks or even months). The chronic illness I have is an auto-immune disease that causes a lot of bladder and pelvic pain and discomfort, as well as anxiety, dizzyness and bladder frequency and urgency. The vibrations of being on transport adds to this.

The first appointment I managed to get last week was in Kirkcaldy which is one hours drive for me, longer on the bus and being really unwell at the time, plus my agoraphobia made me hysterical at the thought of travelling so far, I ended up cancelling it even though I was in so much pain. Luckily the next day I managed to get an emergency at my local dentist. However I was told that should I need any follow up treatment I would HAVE to travel to the access clinic which is in Kirkcaldy.

I just wondered are there any exceptions to this rule for people with medical/emotional problems that make travelling very difficult? I'm not really sure who to ask about this as I don't think the emergency helpline would appreciate me wasting their time to call and ask questions, and I'm not sure if my local dentist would talk to me about it since I'm not registered.
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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2006|07:57 pm]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)

I had a dead tooth removed on Thursday and there was an abscess under it which was also removed. The dentist told me I'd need to take a couple of painkillers in the afternoon but then it should be fine..but it STILL really hurts, is this normal? The tooth had chipped a LONG LONG time ago and I just ignored it for probably over a year. I wasn't given any antibiotics - it was an NHS emergency appointment because I'm not registered.
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Wisdom Tooth [Jun. 29th, 2006|02:04 pm]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)

I think (I can feel) a wisdom tooth coming in the back of my mouth, and it hurts like hell.

Anyone in the St. Louis metro area know a good (and cheap, since I don't have dental insurance) dentist that could look at it?

Thanks!!! :)
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Please respond :) [Jul. 30th, 2005|11:53 am]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)
My Dental Dilemma
I had a consultation w/a dentist today for a concern I had about my molar fillings. After the DA took the full mouth x-rays and the dentist had reviewed them, he asked me the reason I went to see him. So, I told him about the gap I felt between my tooth/crown and the composite filling and that it felt painful when I bite with that molar. I asked him if he would re-do the filling. In other words, if he would remove the previous dentist's filling/work and re-filled the hole in my molar. The dentist replied that since the cavity was big (??? or something like that) he'd rather put a CROWN on it instead because having a CROWN placed over the gap is more stable. He also said that he won't re-do my fillings for me and quickly left.

I knew there was something fishy w/the staff at his office because the DA asked me if I could be pregnant AFTER he took an X-ray of my tooth/teeth! Also, right before the dentist was going to discuss my X-rays w/me, he took the DA aside behind this door and asked him was he the one who took my X-rays. They were very hush-hush like and whispering so low that I couldn't even hear them speaking. I think the DA prob. messed up while he took my X-rays or used too much radiation because I felt these slight tingling sensation on both of my arms. He had told me to hold on of the plastic thing when he took my mouth X-ray.

Well, after the dentist gave me an estimate of the cost for the crown ($329), needless to say, I bolted for the door.

My question to you is under what circumstance would it be suitable/appropriate to have this crown procedure done? (sorry, if I messed up this question!)

My previous consult w/another dentist (female) went differently. She told me that she'd have to remove the original filling (Composite) and replace it to cover up the gap. She never even mentioned that I might need a crown.

Your opinions matter a lot to me. I would appreciate any feedback or experience you may have regarding this matter. Much thanks for everyone who care enough to respond.

Have a nice day :)

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(no subject) [Dec. 18th, 2004|08:11 pm]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)


I've been meaning to work with you guys so much more but it didn't seem like anyone was too interested :)
Well, the illustration book is finally done.
I'll screen the comments. If you'd like a copy, leave your name and address.
It'll be a belated christmas gift from me.
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Anymore? [Aug. 22nd, 2004|10:28 am]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)

You have a nice collection of drawings there. Got anymore?
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Umm slightly anime o_o errr [Aug. 18th, 2004|01:12 am]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)


Ehhee ^^;;;;

hope you like this one. A bit less violentCollapse )

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