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Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)

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Hi [Aug. 12th, 2004|04:14 am]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)

A pretty sweet idea for a community. Stumbled upon it in an interest search.
I'm a UK based dentist. My name is Mikael. I work in a private practice and a hospital!

Something funny to share with you? Nothing off the top of my head. A teenage girl came into the office today for a filling and ended up crying whenever I tried to put something into her mouth. heh

Good to meet you all
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First things first [Jul. 28th, 2004|06:41 am]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)

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I'm hoping to have this done (and mailed to you) before Christmas so it would make a neat Christmas gift =) hehe

Since you joined, I'd appreciate it if you could fill in the following (will ONLY be used to credit you). If you're uncomfortable placing it in a public online community, mail the answer to

1.Full name -first name and surname I guess-:
3.Which side of the chair are you on ;-):
4.If you're in the dental field, which school did you graduate from and what's your degree:
5.Why're you interested in this (in other words, your story):
6.This one's just out of my own interest and will not be put anywhere, how old are you:

thanks a lot in advance ^^; I'm only going to ask for you mail address once the book is ready :-]
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Uhm [Jul. 28th, 2004|06:33 am]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)

[mood |chipperchipper]


Alright. Those are the ones I have scanned. The rest aren't/ and are not going to be so violent anf negative :-]. I'd like to make some from the other side of the chair's view so that's why I need people to tell me stuff so I can get started ^_^ heh heh

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Hey guys [Jul. 28th, 2004|06:30 am]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)

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And...the second one ;)


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Hey guys [Jul. 28th, 2004|06:23 am]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)

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Thank you for joining this community ^^ I guess I should show you the illustrations that I currently have scanned (uhm..with a little info just so that you see that I'm not really anti-dentite xD) hehe jk :-) I'll post each one of them seperately and behind an lj cut. That way it would be easier for you to view them (resized for convien..ince...I can't spell today :p). Let me know what you think


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(no subject) [Jul. 27th, 2004|06:01 pm]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)

Hi! I'm a dental hygienist in NC... I just graduated in May, actually. I don't really have any specific stories to contribute (yet). I guess my whole training in the hygiene program was pretty funny... 3-hour cleanings, etc. We tortured our patients, I'm sure. I had a patient the other day that was so dental-phobic that she was sweating and flinched every time I touched her, and even made me change the radio station to something more "soothing." She told me that she had all her babies at home without an epideral, but going to the dentist is worse than death to her. Dental phobics really make me laugh because I'm thinking, "My God, lady, I'm not going to hurt you!" I am also very glad we have to wear masks, because if you could see my face smiling or sometimes the look of disgust (while looking at a horrific mouth) I'm sure I'd get fired. Anyways, if anything funny comes up, I'll try and help out. :)
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(no subject) [Jul. 27th, 2004|11:14 am]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)

Justa let you know i've joined!
I love the idea.
Keep me posted!


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Greetings and Welcome [Jul. 27th, 2004|06:55 am]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)

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Please read the community info :-] Glad you decided to join. This community is solely dedicated to creating a gift book..er just read the info.
It's a personal non-profit project. If you join you will be credited in the book and you will recieve a copy of it mailed to you when everything's done :-)

You can contribute by:
* If you're a dentist, an assistant, a hygienest or any form of dental student, join! There's always a place for you. You're going to be the eilte though because I'm not at all familiar with dental school ^_^;

* If you can offer teeth pictures (maybe photos of yourself?) or drawings..graphics. Whatever it is as long as it's something you created and something you own the copyright to since we don't want to upset anyone

* If you have any funny stories on either end of the chair. Any interesting stories. There's always a place for you :-]

* If you can be here just to answer oral health/teeth related questions, again, there's always a place for you!

* If you know of any tooth traditions across the cultures, please share

* If you know any interesting tidbits of information, some dental did-you-knows then again, you can always share that with us :)

Hope you have fun!
I'm already 5 pages into the 25 page book. I will post my progress as people join but for now, take care.
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