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[Nov. 30th, 2006|09:00 am]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)


[mood |scaredscared]

I'm gonna have two teeth pulled next week. Problem is, i'm scared as hell!

I've barely been to the dentist all my life. maybe twice. I've been neglecting my teeth for years. until recently when cavities and such became a huge problem. i had this wisdom tooth that was growing on my top left, but when i was eating this burrito one day, the wisdom tooth broke. and it decayed away. ('cause the tooth brush can't really reach it) and the tooth next to it is decaying as well. i was in excrutiating pain a month ago, and had to go to the emergency room go get medicine. and then..i had to go to a dentist (dun dun DUNNNNNN!!).

my insurance (ACCHS or whatever it's called/Care 1st) can only allow so much as far as medical care is concerned. so, they're only going to allow two teeth to be pulled. the decayed wisdom tooth, and the one next to it.

i also have a tooth that broke a long time ago on my right bottom. that one is pretty much 50% gone. that one is also hurting and swelling up right now. but i have to get another referrall for it. :/

anyway, i'm scared because:
*i hate needles. and the only anesthesia that my insurance will allow is a shot in the gums
*i don't want anything to get infected during recovery
*the dentist warned that a nerve might be damaged and it'll be bad or whatever
*i really don't wanna eat soup through a straw.

So, how many of you guys have had teeth pulled? what was it like? did you recover quickly? am i really that much of a weenie?

i'm 24 years old and i shouldn't be scared of something so common. i suck

i just...hate pain.

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