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Please respond :) [Jul. 30th, 2005|11:53 am]
Toothachefully Delightful (Dental gift book)
My Dental Dilemma
I had a consultation w/a dentist today for a concern I had about my molar fillings. After the DA took the full mouth x-rays and the dentist had reviewed them, he asked me the reason I went to see him. So, I told him about the gap I felt between my tooth/crown and the composite filling and that it felt painful when I bite with that molar. I asked him if he would re-do the filling. In other words, if he would remove the previous dentist's filling/work and re-filled the hole in my molar. The dentist replied that since the cavity was big (??? or something like that) he'd rather put a CROWN on it instead because having a CROWN placed over the gap is more stable. He also said that he won't re-do my fillings for me and quickly left.

I knew there was something fishy w/the staff at his office because the DA asked me if I could be pregnant AFTER he took an X-ray of my tooth/teeth! Also, right before the dentist was going to discuss my X-rays w/me, he took the DA aside behind this door and asked him was he the one who took my X-rays. They were very hush-hush like and whispering so low that I couldn't even hear them speaking. I think the DA prob. messed up while he took my X-rays or used too much radiation because I felt these slight tingling sensation on both of my arms. He had told me to hold on of the plastic thing when he took my mouth X-ray.

Well, after the dentist gave me an estimate of the cost for the crown ($329), needless to say, I bolted for the door.

My question to you is under what circumstance would it be suitable/appropriate to have this crown procedure done? (sorry, if I messed up this question!)

My previous consult w/another dentist (female) went differently. She told me that she'd have to remove the original filling (Composite) and replace it to cover up the gap. She never even mentioned that I might need a crown.

Your opinions matter a lot to me. I would appreciate any feedback or experience you may have regarding this matter. Much thanks for everyone who care enough to respond.

Have a nice day :)


[User Picture]From: susie_que
2006-02-24 01:23 am (UTC)
First off trust me you didnt get too much radiation. The x-ray tube head sends out less radiation then your tv and microwave. As for the crown replacing the the possibillity of a crown, thats the best choice because depending on how large the cavity is and what surfaces it is located on there way not be enouch tooth left for a solid filling after the decay is drilled out and away. A crown is more logical because if the dentist did do a composite filling that big theres no garenteed it will last with your eating and chewing habbits and also composite material ist as strong as a natural tooth. A crown is solid and fills the gap your talking about as well as would last longer. Ovner time a big composite filling would wear away so also financially a crown is the wiser choice.

The Hush hush between the da and dentist, well when a da dose make a mistake like not develope an x-ray correctly the dentist wants to be discreate about this as so not to worry the pt.

p.s. I am a da student and will be certified in Apil, so i do know what i am talking about ^_^
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[User Picture]From: Gateway Dental
2012-08-23 09:49 pm (UTC)
Like a chili recipe, all dental treatment plans will vary based on the dentist's ideas of what is going on in your mouth. Some will want to fill it, some want an inlay/only, or some want a crown. Materials vary also. Gold, amalgam (though controversial), composite, or porcelain. And a crown for under a $1000.... I hope that is with insurance because if not I wouldn't return or else you are getting hosed. A crown usually costs $1000.
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